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Library Instruction
A Student Survey
by Reuben Kaller - Last Updated Sep 12, 2014
Link to the Online Student Survey form for SPC Library Instruction classes. Electronic version of the form was formatted by Kimbel May, SPC Librarian.
Annotated Bibliographies
by Jill Zimmerman - Last Updated Oct 20, 2015
For use with ENGL1302 annotated bibliographies, literary analysis, and historical context
Avoiding Plagiarism
by Jill Zimmerman - Last Updated Jan 26, 2016
All about plagiarism and how to avoid it.
by Anna Delgado - Last Updated Dec 4, 2015
Phylum Research Instruction
ENGL 1301.227 (R. English-Bircher, Spring 2014)
by Jill Zimmerman - Last Updated Aug 27, 2015
A research guide to assist students with the Annotated Bibliography and Research Paper.
Journals or Magazines: How To Determine Which Is Which
by Rita Castro - Last Updated Oct 5, 2015
This guide was designed to assist in determining whether a periodical publication is a scholarly journal, sometimes referred to as an academic or peer-reviewed journal versus a magazine.
Online Search Techniques and Strategies
by Jill Zimmerman - Last Updated Jul 21, 2015
This guide introduces the techniques and strategies to access and use information in an online resource such as a database or web site.
Respiratory Care Resources
by Jill Zimmerman - Last Updated Feb 5, 2016
Resources for Respiratory Care students at St. Philip's College.
VNSG 1116: Nutrition (Vocational Nursing)
by Jill Zimmerman - Last Updated Aug 27, 2015
Resources for nursing students enrolled in VNSG 1116: Nutrition.